Micah had a conference in Anaheim last week, so the kids and I decided to join him.  We knew that we would not be going to Disneyland on this trip, since Micah had to work.  So, we found other things to entertain ourselves.

We decided to take a detour on Sunday, and head up to Big Bear.  Micah lived in Big Bear from the ages of 2-5.  He wanted to see if he would remember where his house was and the park he played in.  Well, he did!

 This is the field beside the park where Micah and his sister used to play.  No one plays there now because of the low flying aircraft.

 This is not a joke!  A plan came over, and it was SUPER low!  Scary actually!

 Those two holes in the ground are the pools that Micah swam in.  He said they were in a building when they lived there.

 Micah’s old house!
Beautiful Big Bear Lake!

There were THOUSANDS of carved bears all over Big Bear.  We decided that it must be a requirement to living there.

Another view of the lake.

The kids and I just hung out at the hotel on Monday.  Swimming, playing games, just enjoying time together.  Then on Tuesday, we headed to the Discovery Science Center for the day while Micah finished his conference.  The Science Center was GREAT!  I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Anaheim.

Ben was a hockey goalie.

Grace was playing hockey.

Ben playing the biggest “iPAD” ever.  He loved this!

Grace playing the interactive shopping game.  This was super cool!

Experiencing winds of up to 75 mph.  

Grace’s winds were at 55.5 mph and getting stronger.

They had a Bob the Builder exhibit too.

Dino Quest – Interactive dinosaur fossil hunt

One of the dinosaurs.

This was fun!

Rock climbing wall.

Super climber!

Grace laying on a REAL bed of nails.

This is always my favorite.  A giant pin board!

There was an Indiana Jones exhibit.  This case had tons of snakes inside.

Act like you love one another!  Ha!

We also went to an area in Anaheim with fun restaurants one evening.  We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Micah and I have a love for that place because we ate at the first one we had ever seen in Maui on our honeymoon.

Towin’ in a winter wonderland!  Tow-Mater!

Ben looks a little disproportionate here!  Run Forest Run!

Grace Gump!

If you have been to Anaheim, you know where this is!
Disneyland is on the left.  I just thought the rows of palm trees was super cool!

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