Thanksgiving Morning 2012!

Yesterday was the first Thanksgiving that Micah and I were away from our parents since we got married.  We typically go to one or the other houses (alternating each year) for Thanksgiving day.  I tried not to think about this too much coming up to the day, because even though we knew we would miss them, we had so many things to be thankful for.

Well, I woke up yesterday morning thinking of my family.  We lost my cousin, Stacey, unexpectedly this year and when you have lost someone, holidays bring memories (though good memories) and that is tough.  I thought of Josh (her son), her parents, her brother and his family.  I thought of my aunts and uncles and cousins.  I thought about how thankful I am for my amazing Christian family!  I cried a little bit (and am crying now as I write this) but it was because I realized how good God is to us!  He loves us and cares for us.  He knew that Thanksgiving would bring memories, and that we may cry.  It’s okay!  

Then, I thought about how very exciting it was that Matthew and Elathan (my brother-in-law and nephew) were here with us.  We have not seen them in 4 years!  They live in San Francisco, and drove down to be with us for three days.  That is a BLESSING!!!!  We loved having them here.

I thought about how exciting it was that Randy, Erin, Zach and Nathanael Hammond were on their way to spend our first Thanksgiving on the mountain with us!  These are our new friends, who have taken us in like family!  (I honestly think we may figure out at some point that we are long lost family in some way.)  We love them!

I thought about my very first turkey cooking in the oven with all the other fixin’s and how blessed we are to have SO MUCH!  I am THANKFUL!!!!!!!  I really am!  I hope that in whatever season or circumstances you find yourself, that you can be thankful for a God who loves us unconditionally, full of mercy and grace.  He knows every detail of every moment of our days and for that I am thankful!  He is a God of LOVE!  I am THANKFUL!!!!!!

We had an awesome day and I pray that you did too!  Here are a few pictures of our day:

Grace, Elathan, and Ben
One of these boys ALWAYS had an electronic going.  If it wasn’t Elathan, it was Ben!

Uncle Matthew!
Raking leaves before the meal.

Sweeping off the sidewalk.

Pie is ready!

My FIRST turkey!  He turned out so nice and brown.  (Sorry, I am not a food photographer!)

Yummy goodness #1!

Yummy goodness #2!
Randy and Erin said I should take a picture of the clock because everything was ready at 12:00 on the dot for my very first Thanksgiving meal that I prepared!  Yay!

After lunch, Black Friday preparations.  (Erin and I got serious with our planning!)

 The rest of the group watching us plan because we were so good at it.  Ha! Ha!
 Zack striking a pose but I don’t know “whyyyyyyyyyy?”

The boys.  (Sorry Zach, I caught you mid-look)

 Pecan pie!  (Thanks Erin.)
Pumpkin pie.
Nathanael’s got the right idea!  (Although he looks like he gained quite a few pounds on that delicious meal!  Ha! Ha!)

We had a great time, and our fun did not end until Friday morning around 4:15 am.  More to come on that tomorrow!

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