The title of my blog is Climb Every Mountain, not to be confused with the web address of my blog, which is “themountainmomma.”  Just wanted to make that clear before I begin this post.  Ha! Ha!  I have never really understood the whole title versus web address thing, but, I digress.

I wanted to title my blog “Climb Every Mountain” for various reasons, one of them being that I feel like our move here was one of the biggest changes that I have made in my life up to this point.  I like to make analogies with things that happen in life.  I think it helps me process what is going on.  How about you?

Anyway, mountains are known for amazing views, beauty, awesome experiences.  However, the trip to the top of the mountain is usually filled with the struggle to get to the top.  Sometimes the road to the top of the mountain is fairly easy, long but easy.  Sometimes the road to the top is windy.  (Like our crazy mountain road.)  Other times the road to the top is treacherous, scary, and filled with painful moments.  There are also those roads that contain all of the above.  Been on any of these?

I kind of relate tough things in my life to climbing a mountain, because I don’t really like hard work or tough situations, but I really enjoy looking out from the top of a mountain.

I am babbling on and on about this, because I feel like homeschooling Grace and Ben is a major mountain that I am climbing right now.  I have NO DOUBT that I am going to look out from the top of this “home school mountain” and love the view.  However, the road is a bit treacherous.  Last night I was printing out curriculum, planning for the week, and getting very anxious about it all.  I truly feel like I am a first year teacher all over again, but this time I am teaching multiple grade levels!  I know that I can do this, but it can become very overwhelming at times. (Just keeping it real friends!)  I don’t want to give up.  I want to experience the joys of watching my children grow and learn. I want to teach them the joys of being a lifelong learner.  I just sometimes do not want to do the work that all of this will take.  I try to psych myself into thinking that driving up and down the mountain two times a day would be just fine, no big deal.  (Then I remember that Grace is carsick and this would be a disaster.)  I try to tell myself that Ben would be better off with other children.  (Then I remember that he is talking more clearly than ever and that his reading has already improved greatly.)  I think that Grace will not be well-rounded and needs more life experiences.  (Then I realize that she is not biting her fingernails and her anxiety is much less now.)

Okay, I am not going to quit!  I am going to keep trudging up this mountain, because the view from the top is going to be more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  I just need to keep my eyes focused on Christ because I can do all things through him!  Please pray for us as we journey up this mountain.

Let me know what mountain you are climbing.  I would love to pray for you and with you on your journey too!

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