I am blessed to have many friends!  I miss them LOTS these days.  I am working really hard not to be sad that I am not able to figure out this time difference enough to make phone calls at times that make sense for us and them.  (Stinking time zones!  Stinking home school!  Stinking…okay I will be more positive!)  I miss you, all of you!

My kids are missing their friends too!  It’s okay, this is normal, but it does make us sad from time to time.  We are making new friendships though!  Last Saturday, our friends Micah and Sydney got to come and play for a while.  It was fun!  Today Abigail, Caitlyn and Noah came to play.  It was fun!  We like laughter, fun, happiness!  

We miss our old friends more than anyone could ever know, yet at the same time, we are so VERY thankful for the new friendships that are being built.  We will now just have new friends to fill our hearts alongside the spaces that are filled with our friends from Texas!  I think this means that our hearts are growing bigger, right?!

Noah, Caitlyn, Grace, Abigail, and Ben
Sydney “the cat” and Grace
(Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of our friend Micah yet.)

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