When I “go to town” now, I MUST have a list.  Seeing as how the “town” is 45 minutes away, you do not want to forget anything.  Actually, I have learned that we can live without quite a bit that I thought we needed.  I love simplicity!  Really!  I do!  I am learning how to make things stretch, and it is working.

Tomorrow’s trip has a pretty long list.  It is getting time for my little advent calendar to begin, and I need all of our supplies for each day’s activity.  When we lived in town I could cheat and put activities like “go to Starbuck’s for a special Christmas treat” or “go to the park after school.”  Yep, won’t be puttin’ those things. I think I have it all figured out, but we shall see what I forget and how I figure out how to do our activities anyway.  

I am going to try to begin another “add-on” to our daily activities this year.  I found the idea on Pinterest, and I think this is possible.  I really think it will be cool to share and talk about the names of Jesus each day with the kids.  I haven’t decided if we are going to hang the ornaments on a separate tree or just the one I already have up.  I will figure that out tomorrow.  Here is a link to the 25 names of Jesus idea.


I love getting prepared for Christmas, even if it does require me to “make a list and check it twice,”  don’t you?!

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