Upon reading the title to this post, you might think that I am going to begin a super spiritual Christmas journey with this blog.  Unfortunately, the title refers to this:

We have been gone from our home since Monday, friends, and this was not on my porch when I left!  (Notice that Mary is not even lit up, poor thing!)
When you come down the drive to our home you must make a pretty sharp turn or you would drop off a hill onto our porch.  So, when we came home tonight and came to the top of the hill overlooking our house, Micah and I were quite surprised!  I am not going to say that it was in a good way either!  
Now, remember that we have not even been here for 1 month yet.  There are many “hidden rules” of Palomar Christian Conference Center that we are still learning.  We LOVE the people here, and this is where our dilemma began!  I started laughing hysterically and kept saying, that is so funny.  Micah told me to stop because someone probably gave this to us as a gift!  I kept saying, “No, who would have done that?”  He did not know, but he felt like we needed to be sensitive in case it was someone’s beloved nativity that they were passing down.  Then, I started feeling bad for laughing, and thought that maybe he was right.  We both thought that maybe it was tradition that this was always on the director’s porch!  Do you see our dilemma?!
After laughing and being dumbfounded for a while, I told him I would text Katie Harris.  She would know!  Let’s just say SHE KNEW!  OH, SHE KNEW!!!!!  She and Brenda Hall!  They got us!  Got us good!!!!!!  This, my friends, is how we know we are in the right place for the Beard family!  We love this place and all of the fun and laughter we have already had.  Can’t wait for some more!  (Watch out Katie and Brenda!  Watch out!)
Oh, and on a more sensitive note, I do love the TRUE Nativity and can’t wait to put up ours so that our hearts can focus on the true meaning of Christmas!

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