You know that little thing that you plug into your computer, and then place your camera’s memory card in it so that you can load pictures?  I can’t find mine and I am totally bummed!!!!!!!

Micah and I completed our little “mud room” today, and I took pictures of the entire project step by step to share.  I am so sad.  I guess I will be making a little trip to get one of those “things” soon.

On another note, this super cute girl went to town with me today to do our shopping for Thanksgiving. She was SO helpful, and I could not have done it without her!  So thankful for my daughter!

She was dancing for me while we waited in the Starbuck’s line.  By the way, most of the Starbuck’s we have come across (and if you thought Texas had a lot, you should visit California) do not have a drive thru.  We went to one that did today, and the line was CRAZY, but we weren’t in a hurry. 
Our neighbor here at camp, is a TRUE fisherman.  In fact, in the 4 weeks we have been here, he has been to two fishing tournaments and won second place in both!  He brought us two trout tonight.  He had just gone down to the pond and caught them.  His stringer was a stick!  It was pretty cool.  I had never cleaned a fish before, but tonight I tried.  Cut the head off, and began to clean it, then it got really gross and I had to call Micah!  I think I will order fish filets next time!  Ha! Ha!
Other things I am learning in Cali:
1.  These lovely people have never heard of James Avery!  What?!
2.  No Bluebell, and other brands of mint chocolate chip are not the same!
3.  Motorcycles can drive wherever they want.
4.  They have In-N-Out Buger and it is really good!  
5.  The people that we have encountered are really nice.  I have been impressed.
6.  The weather is awesome!
We are heading to Anaheim tomorrow to stay with Micah while he is an exhibitor at a conference.  The kids and I are planning to find some fun things to do.  (No Disneyland yet, but that will come soon.  Anaheim is only about 2 hours away!)  Here’s hoping I get one of those picture loading thingy’s so that I can post pics of our adventures.

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