We enjoyed our science lesson today.

We had to tape our thumbs down and try picking things up without them.  (The hand on the right is actually Grace’s)
Grace was trying to open a Starburst with no thumb.
Ben trying to pick up a penny.
Grace trying to write her name.  (You can see what they wrote when they could use their thumbs.)
Ben trying to write his name.
Recording our findings in our journals.
Little scientist.
Our science board.
We had so much fun with this.  We laughed and laughed while experimenting without our thumbs. 
We are definitely glad that God gave us thumbs!
We had a good time with this, but are still really working on how to do this school thing!  (I am learning how much of a control freak I really am!  Yikes!)  I am working on realizing that “school” and “home school” are two very different beasts!  (Do I say this every post?  I hope not!)
We also enjoyed an afternoon of making our ornaments for the 25 names of Jesus advent activity we will be doing starting December 1st.  Here is a peek at our LOVELY ornaments.  
I totally burnt my thumb (ironic after our science lesson on thumbs) while hot gluing the lion onto the ornament.  I mean, REALLY, burnt it!
What name for Jesus will this represent?
And the winning ornament is…
Croissant (I mean Bread) of life!
Hope you are having a great week, and TOMORROW is FRIDAY friends!!!!!!!

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