I really hate that I have not been able to keep up with my every night posting schedule! So many exciting things have been happening, so I am taking a few minutes away from packing to let you guys see what has been going on.  (Yes, packing!  We leave for Texas tomorrow!!!!!)

As many of you know, we prepared for snow about three weeks ago, but did not get any.  Well…WE GOT SNOW yesterday and today!  It was so awesome for the kids.  (Okay, let’s be honest, it was awesome for Micah and I too!)  Anyway, they woke up yesterday morning so excited, but there really was not much snow.  (That’s relative!  It was a TON of snow for Texas but not much for here.) We got our gear on and went out to plat at 8:30 am.  The kids had fun!  Here are some pics.

Making a snowy-leaf angel!

Then we came in and warmed up with oatmeal, toast and hot chocolate!  Yum!
That was all yesterday morning.  Then, about 4:30, it started REALLY snowing!  We were so excited. Micah told me to drive down to dinner in the car.  I tried backing up, and there was so much snow that I started sliding, so I put it in park and we walked down!  (I have no idea how to do the whole 4WD thing!  I guess that is another lesson for me. )  It was much more fun to walk in the snow anyway.  Here are a few of those pictures.
Can you see the snow falling behind them?
It was coming down hard!

Then, this morning there was enough to sled!  Hours of fun.  Micah was awesome because he took both kids down to the rec field and let them sled for a while!  Can I just say that those little disc things are amazing!  They were going fast!!!!!

This has been a really huge blessing for us!  I had prayed that Grace would get to experience the snow here at our new home before we headed back to Texas.  It will be hard for her to see family and friends and leave them again, but little things like snow, can make our new home a fun place to come back too.  I am sure that you can understand that perspective of a 9 year old!  Our new home is really great for so many reasons!!!!!

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