When you move you think about lots of things, but having to find new doctors was not one of them! Ugh! I spent two hours on the phone last week to get the kids registered with a new pediatrician only to be told we would get a call back when he returned from vacation because we may need to see specialists with Ben. (I pretty much figured that would be the case.)

Well I got a call back today and we can use the pediatrician but need to find two more doctors for Ben. So, I started calling Rady Children’s Hospital to get set up in hopes that we would be able to get appointments in the near future. ( I have learned to just go to the BIG hospital and get in their system!). Anyway, I did get set up with one specialist and started the PROCESS with the other. (Been through the PROCESS before. I dislike it VERY much!)

Now, mind you that I was not doing any of this because someone was sick. Just trying to get established with new doctors. So, here is the Muphy’s Law part…about one hour after I got off of the phone with the doctors, Ben started running a fever! Go ahead! Laugh! It’s crazy that way around here!

At least we are registered now and have someplace to go!

Now to get Micah and I set up and to tackle the dentist!!!

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