Do you use the word “puny” when someone in your home is sick?  If so, I am guessing you have ties to the south!  I have alway used this word, but it seems that our friends here in California think that we are crazy and have made up a new “Texas” word.  I looked it up, and it is indeed in Webster’s dictionary:

Puny:  slight or inferior in power, size or importance

I mean, I guess it is kind of a stretch to use it in regard to a sick person, but here it is in a sentence:  “The Beard family has been feeling quite puny this week.  As they began to get sick they lacked power to complete daily tasks.”   (That was your homeschool moment!  I figure since we have been having sick days, I should attempt some sort of teaching!  Ha! Ha!)

Okay, enough with the definition, right?!  The deal is that Ben started getting sick on Thursday.  Then we ended up at an urgent care with him in the night.  Grace started feeling “puny” on Sunday and continued getting worse on Monday.  She seems to be on the mend today.  Then I started feeling “puny” last night and have continued to feel worse today.  This is just the way a lovely virus works right?!  Micah has steered clear so far.  Here’s hoping this virus is almost done attacking our family!

The next time that someone in your family is beginning to get sick or feel “inferior in power”, you should say they are “puny,”  it would make a southerner proud!

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