Back to school today!  I got myself all organized again, only to realize that it took them a lot less time to complete their work than I had planned.  Yep, first year teacher here!  Even though we completed our work faster than I thought, that gave us time to go have “recess” on the snow hill!  We are still working on getting enrolled in the Charter school, but until then we will continue doing what we do.

I finally got to go and buy these amazing carts for our workboxes!  I saw these at my friend Sarah’s house and LOVED them!  It makes life so much better to have these nicely organized carts than the 20 baskets I had laying on the floor.  You might like these too!  I got mine at Sam’s Club for $24.98.  They seem to be like $69.99 everywhere else.  Crazy!!!!

I put the kid’s work in each drawer.  This way, I can work with one while the other is completing a task.  I try to make sure that I put independent activities for one when the other has a teacher-directed task.  (That doesn’t always work, but I do attempt!)  The kids take off the number when they complete that activity and put it on a chart on the wall.  When they have completed all 8 boxes, their school day is finished.  
This is what the box looked like for those of you that really NEED a rainbow cart!  
We also started a scripture memory plan today.  I had done some scripture memory with the kids since we started school, but I needed some structure and guidance.  I found this ABC scriptures plan last night, and really liked the scriptures that she used.  You can find these at  I really liked the pictures, scriptures and that it went through the alphabet.  Just a fun way to do it as we get started.  (Remember, I am taking baby steps as we are taking this journey up the mountain.)  I really got excited when I got out my laminator and will put these on a ring so we can review the ones we have already learned along the way!
Here is the pile of laminated verses!  I love laminating!  (That’s a teacher thing, I think.)
Our verse this week is Joshua 24:15.  I asked the kids what it means that our house would serve the Lord.  It was interesting listening to their answers.  We had a little work to do!  So, today at the dining hall, we wiped down the tables after lunch in order to learn about serving.  This is where it becomes very real to me that even if we are serving others, we still need to tell our children why we do this or even what we are doing.  Some may say they learn just be watching us, and they do learn A LOT that way.  However, we must also explain why we do what we do.  I think I have not made a real effort in that area much.  (I learned something at school today.  Can you tell?!)
At lunch time, we went down a bit early for “recess”.  It was an awesome day!
Sweet sister, always helps him get on the sled then he falls off on purpose!  Can you see between the trees?  The dark blue is the ocean.  Crazy!
The sun was in her eyes!
Yes, that is an angry bird on his happy little head!

And this was our driveway at lunch time!
Great day back to school!

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