It has been absolutely beautiful weather here for about two weeks now.  Sunny with a high around 70 degrees.  Lovely!  We have not been outside enjoying it nearly as much as we should have, so I told the kids we would go to Doane Pond and have a picnic lunch today.  (It is actually supposed to start raining tomorrow and snowing again!)

Picnic time.  The angry birds had to come along with us!
The pond.  You can see that there is nothing but brush around it, but just a few feet away are the gorgeous mountains.
The pond.  It is stocked at least two times a year with trout.  (There was an older man here fishing today, and he shared lots of info with us!)
This is a large, flat area.  If it were cleared, it would be perfect for running around and playing.
Yes, that is smoke.  They were doing a prescribed burn (or controlled burn) today.  There were about 10 fireman watching the fire.  They were going in 2 at a time to manage the fire.  It was actually pretty neat to watch.  I just always hope that the burn stays controlled!
One more view of the pond.
Grace found a deer antler on the ground.  Cool!
It’s just so pretty here!
Who doesn’t love a bridge?
They were throwing sticks and watching them go down the stream.
I love how I caught the sun just right here!
I love being able to go on picnics with my kiddos!

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