If you know Ben, then you know how he keeps us on our toes!  I love the excitement he adds to our lives everyday!  Really!  Boys are just happy-go-lucky and help you remember how to be a child and have fun.  I love that about boys!  No thought process before doing something…just go for it!  Whatever IT is!  Live life with GUSTO!!!!  You know what I mean, don’t you?!

Here is my sweet, life-loving boy!

We went on a ride around camp, and ended up at Inspiration Point.  (I will post more on that soon)
And…here is my sweet boy after a run in with the dressers (yes, that is plural) in my bedroom on Saturday.

Yep, that’s a black eye!  Very small compared to what could have happened!

Here is the story:

Ben decided to pull all of the drawers out on two dressers that sit side by side in our bedroom.  These dressers are as tall as him, and have a large TV sitting on top of them.  Well, when you pull out all of the drawers at the same time, the walls come a-tumblin’ down!  I heard a loud crash and Ben yelling, and when I got to my bedroom, immediately panicked because he was under the dressers.  It was not a pretty sight.  Thank goodness, my friend Erin and her son were there to lift the dressers while I grabbed Ben and started checking for blood and such.  It could have been SO much worse.  He got out with a chunk missing from his finger and a small shiner!  So thankful!

Living life on the edge!  That’s Ben!

On another note, we visited Rady Children’s Hospital last week for the first time.  I am quite partial to Texas Children’s because of how awesome they have been with us, but John at Rady is now top on my list!  Ben had to get blood work done to check his thyroid function, and I have never seen someone draw blood so quickly!  John, wherever you are, you are my HERO!!!!  I am so thankful for children’s hospitals!

This was the best picture I could get through the blinds of our examining room.  LOL!
They had tons of cool bronzed statues all around the grounds of the hospital.  We thought the frog prince was cool!

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