Sometimes (okay a lot of times) I have completely random thoughts floating through my brain.  I am certain that they are all connected in some strange way, because everything is ultimately related, right?! Enjoy!

1.  What would you do if you walked into your living room and saw this at 9:30 p.m.?

Yes, this is a rat and it seems as though he has been eating Pringles on the ottoman!  This made me laugh out loud, literally because I knew that Ben had eaten the Pringles and was holding his stuffed rat. I had been downstairs working on school stuff, and when he heard me coming up the stairs, he ran to his room.  This is exactly as I found it!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!  
2.  It snowed MORE than I have ever seen last night.  I mean, I have been to Colorado but that somehow does not count in my mind.  I did not LIVE in Colorado, and I was at a ski resort so I expected lots of snow.  Anyway, I went out and rode with Micah while he did one round of snow plowing.  People the snow was coming down so hard that I could not see anything.  It was crazy!  The even crazier thing is that the sun came out today and even though we had lots of snow, it was completely enjoyable!
I took this picture from my kitchen window this evening.  The sunset was so amazing, but I just could not capture it!  Ugh!
From my front driveway.
I figured I would post a picture of me so that you all knew I was actually still around!
Can you see that big snowball?  He made this all by himself. He worked so hard at rolling the snow to make this thing!
I love this tree and take a picture of it everytime it snows.
Sweet snow girl with her sled.  
From my back driveway.
This is the hill directly behind our house.  I love that we have this perfect hill for the kids to sled on.  SO FUN!!!!!

3.  I really like to bake so I made two batches of cookies this afternoon.  I think that I should probably take them down to camp tomorrow so that we are not eating all of them.

4.  I just made my first visit to Trader Joe’s last week.  LOVE IT!!!!  If you have one close, you must try their Orange Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice.  It is awesome!

Happy Random Wednesday!

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