I once told my mom that I thought I was going crazy.  She told me that if I was really going crazy, I would not know it, but those around me would!  Well, we may all need to get a little worried.  Here is how this story goes:

Last week, some staff came over and we made Muddy Buddies (otherwise known as Puppy Chow).  Katie brought some Chex, butter and chocolate chips.  I also had gotten my chocolate chips out.  Well, we ended up using her already opened bag of chocolate chips, so I set my bag over on another counter. I vividly remember putting the bag in my cabinet as I was cleaning up.  VIVIDLY!  I could even remember right where I put them!

A week went by, and we were having friends over for dinner so I was going to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for dessert.  Now, the reason I was going to make these is because I had a lovely bag of chocolate chips in my cabinet, remember?!  I went to the cabinet to get the bag of chocolate chips and it was not where I left it.  I looked everywhere…at least three times!  I got in my kids’ faces and made them “tell me the truth” because I knew that they ate them.  I just knew it!  Well, when they had finally convinced me that they were not the culprits, I decided to text Katie.  Remember, she was there with me when we made the muddy buddies.  Anyway, I texted her with a very nice message (I did not want to come out and just say, “Hey, so I know you took my chocolate chips and I want them back NOW!).  “Hey Katie, did you by any chance take the chocolate chips home with you the other day?”  Katie’s response…”I took my opened bag home.  Did you need some?  I am in town.”  So, I nicely responded yes while still feeling as though someone had really played a nasty trick on me!

Later that evening, Katie and her husband brought me some lovely Ghiradelli chocolate chips!  I said, “I looked everywhere for the chocolate chips, and I can’t find them.  I know someone in my house ate them.”  Katie looked at me with a lovely smile and says, “Well, didn’t you use them to  make that chocolate chip cake last week when everyone was at your house?”  WELL…YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!

So, does that constitute crazy?  And do you see why I love our new camp family!!!!

Have a crazy Saturday!

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