One of the hardest things when you move, especially to another state, is finding a new church home.  (I know that I have said this before, but every Sunday reminds me of this harsh reality.)  I guess that I didn’t realize how hard this would be until we got here.  In my past life, I pretty much always had a connection to some church in every town I lived in.  (That is the perk of being a preacher’s kid!)

When I left for college, I went to ETBU, which is where my sister was.  She could tell me churches to visit, and I did.  Then I transferred to SHSU, and my parents were able to tell me which churches I should visit.  After Micah and I married, we moved to Conroe, and visited West Conroe Baptist where I knew both the Senior Pastor and Children’s Minister.  It became home instantly!  When our lives took us back to Huntsville, we went back home to UHBC thinking we would never leave again. Well…here we are in SoCal, and there is no one telling us “hey a friend of mine is the pastor at ________.”

It’s been tough.  Fun to visit lots of churches, but tough because I am ready to call a place our own.  I think the most interesting part of our search for a church home has been that I really have had to pray about what exactly I am wanting, needing, looking for.  I don’t think I knew.  Sad!  I know, but I am trying to be honest.  I have learned that I can’t look for a church based on what others think is a “good” church or the “right” church, but rather based on where the Holy Spirit is leading our family.  (Um, I think I have said before that I process things out loud, so please do not think that I am a super shallow person after reading this!)

So, this week we visited North Coast Church for the second time.  The kids love it, and I have left both last week and this week changed, ready for action, ready to dive deeper into the word.  I have hesitated to say that I like this church because it’s one of THOSE.  You know, lots of cool looking people, several venues to choose from, amazingly designed children’s area, preacher who wears flip flops and jeans…(let’s just pause for a moment there!)……………….okay, everyone still with me?!  Anyway, I did not want to like this church because of these things.  Not because I don’t think they’re cool, oh, I do, but because LOTS of people are there.  How could God really want me at a church like this when there are so many others that are “toned down,” not as big, more needy?  Well, I’m not sure why God is using this church in our lives right now, but he is!  We are going through the book of Genesis, and covered chapter 26 today.  Not one or two verses from chapter 26.  No, the entire chapter so that we had the entire context from which this story came.  Powerful!  Good stuff, the bible is GOOD STUFF, the BEST STUFF, and when someone preaches straight from it, it is GOOD!  Okay, I will calm down.  I think that the best thing so far is that there has been no “feel good” moments.  The sermon is not sugar coated.  I need that right now!  How about you?

Anyway, pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will for where we will go each week.  Remember, Micah serves full-time in ministry, and that means that our family serves right along with him.  We need a place where we can be filled and ready for the ministry that comes our way each and every day here at Palomar.  We want a place where there are people that God has prepared to help us grow our children and teach them the truths alongside us.  Pray with us.

And…here are my sweet children who got up and were out the door at 7:00 a.m. this morning so that we could make it to the 9:00 service.  (On a mountain FAR FAR away…is where we live.)   We would have been there about 30 minutes early, but today there was a road closed and we had to take a 30 minute detour!  So glad we left when we did.  (And we did all this without dad here to help!  Can I get a ‘”woot, woot!” for the mountainmomma today?!  Thanks!)  I guess that I should be honest and tell you that I bribed them with a trip to see The Croods!  LOL!  Yep, works everytime!  (The movie is really cute!)

I love these kids, even when they have mouths full of banana!  Don’t you just want to give them a big squeeze?!

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