Grace turned 10 this week!  Boohoohoo!  Double digits, friends!  Boohoohoo!

Okay, enough wallowing in my sorrows, we must get on to the fun part!  So, as I was saying, Grace had a birthday this week!

Since moving, we have had many ups and downs regarding leaving our friends and family in Texas.  Things like birthdays seem to make us miss all of them so much more.  In the past few weeks, Grace had been really struggling with the fact that her friends from Texas would not be here to celebrate her birthday with her.  I knew that we were going to need to do something really fun, in order for her to realize that her California friends and family love her too!

So, the planning began. We had told her last year, that she could get her ears pierced when she turned 10, so I knew that would need to happen if she was still interested!  (And of course, she was!)  Then I decided that we should try to pull off a SURPRISE party!  Who doesn’t love those?!  The best idea of all was to make the party a glow in the dark party!  Don’t you just love blacklights and glow sticks?!  (Okay, yes, I am a child of the 80’s!)  So, here is how the day went.

First, Grace was treated to a birthday celebration at lunchtime in the dining hall!  Our staff is amazing and they make everyone a cake for their special day.  This was the equivalent to cupcakes at school for her!

Here is Grace with Ms. Hilda and Mr. Lane.  She even got a gift!

Here are our sweet friends:  Caitlin, Abigail and Noah.
Ms. Ashley made this awesome cake!

Right after lunch we headed for the mall to get her ears pierced.

Our first stop was Starbuck’s to get a little treat!  This is her friend Sydney, who lives on the mountain too.
Since they weren’t ready for us at Claire’s we walked around.  Grace just had to go into the candy shop!
Then we had a little fun in Justice!  Like the nerds?!
Next, we headed back to Claire’s where the most fun was had!
Excuse me ma’am, I “mustache” you a question!
Where do they come up with these glasses?!
Okay, so the girls weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves!

Can we say, Wizard of Oz?  Do you see it?
It was so much fun getting to be with the girls and watching them laugh and enjoy themselves.  Then things turned serious.  Time for the piercing!
A little nervous.
Smiling with the best dad ever!
Even happier with her great friend!
Dad, I’m gonna be just fine!
Getting marked up.
Does it look right?!
Here we go!  Look at her sweet daddy holding her hand!  Love that!
Looking at her ears for the first time.
And…they’re done!  She is cleaning them here.
Happy 10 year old girl!

My ears are pierced!

Grace could not have done better, and the ladies at Claire’s were amazing!  We wasted some time at Toys R Us, then headed to BJ’s for dinner.

Grace and Sydney with their new water bottles from Justice!  So fun!
She’s 10, can you tell?
Eating her birthday Pizookie.  (That’s a cookie in a small pizza pan with ice cream on top!)
This is the end to Part 1 of the birthday celebration!  So much fun!  Stay tuned to find out what fun we had later that evening!)

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