So, her ears were pierced, we had some fun at the mall, visited Toys R Us, and had a birthday dinner.  This is where she thought the partying ended.  Well…there was more to come!

Little did Grace know that Micah, myself, and several of our staff had been working diligently to get everything in place so that she would have the surprise of her life!

We started the night before by making her cake and some cake balls for the party!

I got this idea for a sprinkle cake off of pinterest!  Fun!
I could not have made this happen without our sweet friend, Ashley!  (Thanks for the photobomb, Chase!)
Lookin’ good!
Let’s be real!  It was fun, but we made a MESS!!!!!  Thanks Zach and Katie for letting me go crazy at your house!
I headed home late that evening, but left everything for our awesome friends to take care of the next day!  Our friends set up blacklights, got the food table ready, got the sound set up, and got all of the glow sticks ready for the surprise!  Here is how it went:
The perfect entry!

Glow sticks everywhere!

Dance like you mean it Noah!

Cool shirt!

Neon sisters!

Birthday girl is glowing!


Dance girl!

Food table.

Hollywood even made an appearance!

So much fun!

The whole crew!


After party entertainment!

And after party discussions.

Brenda and Grace were twinsies!

The Eddings!

The Morrisons!

Miss Jessica

Chase and Charity (soon to be Hartley!)

The Harris’
Our family!

Dani and Lindy

Mr. Sean

We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate our 10 year old!  Our camp family made her feel like Queen for the day!  They showered her with gifts and lots of love!  We can’t thank them enough for joining in on at 10 year old birthday party.
I went in to check on Grace after she went to bed, and this is what I found:
The perfect nightlight to end the evening!

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