For those of you who know me well, you know that I am not an animal person.  I mean, I tried to be one, but loving on animals just never really took for me.  I had a few dogs, several goldfish (I named each of them Sunshine), tried to have a cat (that was a tragic ending), and even got a guinea pig for my fist classroom (an even more tragic ending)!  It was just never meant to be.

Well, Grace seems to struggle with loving animals as well.  In fact, she is terribly afraid of dogs despite all efforts to help with this fear.  So, when we moved to the mountain, I was not sure how she would do with the horses.  The horses are very close to our house, and from the moment we arrived, she has walked right up to the fence and touched the horses with no hesitation.  COOL!  So, she started asking if she could take horse lessons, and Micah and I said OF COURSE!  This week, we had the first lesson!  Grace did amazing!  She was even able to guide the horse with no help from her instructor!  So proud of her!

And then there is Ben…no fear whatsoever!  He loves any and all kinds of animals, and has absolutely no fear of them.  So, he was hilarious when he got on the horse.  He is not able to guide yet, but he was having the time of his life!

The other kids here are taking lessons too!  Fun times!

Look at her go!
She was so proud!
Getting on for the very first time!
There’s Ben!  
He loved the horse!

I am so excited that our kids get to experience this!  I know that these lessons will be so great for both of them!

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