We live in San Diego County in Southern California.  This is the place known for the best weather in the country!  I would have to agree, however, I forgot to mention that we live on a MOUNTAIN in San Diego County in Southern California.  It is amazing how that one word, MOUNTAIN, can change so many things.  Especially the weather!

Here is what it looked like at my house exactly one week ago:

We had the biggest snow storm we have had since being here.  Lots of snow and ice!
Now, here is what the temperature was yesterday when I took the kids down to the dentist:
This was indeed the temperature in Escondido, which is not a mountain, but that is CRAZY!  It was actually about 75 degrees up on the mountain yesterday.  It is just wild to me that we had snow last week, and now we are wearing shorts and flip flops!  I have to admit, I actually like that we get to experience both!  It snows and lasts just long enough for us to like it, then the snow melts.  I don’t have to get tired of freezing or dealing with ice everywhere.  Then it gets warm, but there is no humidity, so it isn’t miserable.  Yep, I am going to have to agree that the weather is the best!!!!!  Crazy, bipolar, but the best!
On another note, we went by Wal-Mart yesterday to grab some rubber boots for the kids horse lessons. (More to come on that.)  Ben really wanted to go and look at the Angry Birds shirts that they had.   So, we headed to the shirts and he saw several he NEEDED, then…he saw the ONE.  Yes, he saw the shirt he wanted.  Here is the conversation:
Ben:  Mom, I want that no-sleeve angry bird shirt!
Mom:  What?
Ben:  That one!  I NEED that one!  The one with no-sleeves!
Mom:  No, we need sleeves on our shirt.
Ben:  No mom, I NEED that one so that I can show my muscles to my friends!
“Mom, I need to put my shirt on right now!”
See those muscles?!
So, he wore the shirt immediately yesterday.  He was so proud of his new shirt!  I got his pajamas out last night after bath, and he had already put this one back on.  And…he is still wearing the shirt!  I am sure hoping that I can get the thing off of him tonight!  LOL!

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