Do you have more than one child?  If so, you know exactly where this post is going!  SIBLING RIVALRY!!!!!!!  It’s natural, I know, but I don’t like it!  The second that I step away from the room that my children are in, I can hear it begin.  Someone touches the other one, and then the screaming begins.  How do you handle this my friends?

One of our biggest adjustments since moving, has been learning how to be with one other 24 hours a day.  Our lives Before California (b.c.  Ha! Ha!) were busy.  Not necessarily the good kind of busy (if there is a good kind of busy), but the “we are all going crazy” kind of busy!  I love that we don’t experience that anymore, and that our lives are much simpler, but we are still working on the “get along with one another” part.

I really would like your input.  Tell me how you pray for your kiddos in this area and how you talk to them about this.  (And…don’t anyone tell me about the t-shirt that says “this is our get-along t-shirt!”  LOL!)

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