When I began this blog, I really did it in order for our family and friends to keep up with our life in California.  As we begin to get into a more “every day” routine, I find that I don’t want to blog because, I mean, who would want to read that?!  You know:

so, we had school today…we washed clothes today…i was really tired and wanted a nap but didn’t get one today…the kids argued today…

But, I am coming to realize that the “every day” is where our true happiness lies.  I love the mundane, routine kind of days.  I like just “hanging out.”  Those of you who really know me, know that I love to sit on your couch or mine and just “visit.”  (By the way, people in the West do not say “visit.”  We Southerners LOVE it though!)

So, I think my blog will continue to be my way of “visiting” with you.  I will write more.  I will not post only the fun, exciting things we do, but also our everyday things.

Today, we are having school.  We started a bit late, because I needed to finish a few things for Micah’s trip back to Texas tomorrow.  (Oh, yes, he is leaving us to go perform a wedding in Texas.  I am sad that we can’t all go, but we will be okay!  Okay, really, I am quite jealous, but I will work on it!)  Anyway, school is school, except that we can have random dance breaks!  I had music time/dance time in my kindergarten classroom, but it was nothing like our little dance breaks here.  (It’s much easier to get two kids to wind down after a dance break than 24!)  We were going to listen to some John Coltrane jazz after learning that he is from North Carolina, and when I turned on Pandora, Toby Mac was singing our FAVORITE song ever!  Me Without You!  Here it is…have yourself a little dance break, and enjoy the “every day!”

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