We had some Easter fun at our house!  Hope you did too!

We started our day with a hike.  We went to a new trail in the state park, and this was our view!  Amazing!
My little hikers!
Then we came back and started making all sorts of springtime goodies!  First, we made Jolly Rancher lollipops!  These are sooooo good, easy, and super fun to make.
Don’t they look so fun and colorful?  You can get the directions at www.familyfun.com
They were super tasty!
Thomas and Ashley liked them too!
Then we made Peep sticks!   (I need a better name, but that is indeed what they were.)  These are my peeps!  LOL!  (I can’t help but to make stupid jokes when it comes to Peeps!)
We handed these fun treats out to our staff!  I’m not a Peep fan really, but they are just so darn cute!
Okay, then we made Trix Krispie treats, and these things were AMAZING!
Not only do they look super festive, but they are so easy and so tasty!!!!!!
Of course we dyed some eggs!
I don’t know what happened to my good pictures but here is some evidence that we did actually dye the eggs!
On Sunday, the kids got their Easter baskets.
Smiled for some really early Easter pictures because their mom is crazy!  (It was 7:00 am here people!)
Yes, Ben has a blue mouth because he had already eaten a ring pop by 7:00 am.  It’s Easter, cut me some slack! 
Then, when we got home from church I took the kids down for a few more quick pictures.  Unfortunately, my picture spot was occupied by a group that was at camp.  (I didn’t think it would be a good idea for the director’s wife to make them move so I could have some Easter pics.  LOL!) You can see a few of the daffodils though.  We don’t have bluebonnets here in SoCal, but we have the most beautiful daffodils here on the mountain.  Love them!
We hunted for some Easter eggs.  By this time, the temperature outside had dropped to about 47 degrees and it was windy.  We had a quick egg hunt!  (Love the rubber boots!)
They were still smiling even though we were all freezing!  Ben is quite happy with his eggs, can you tell?!

Our sweet friends, the Harris’ came and had and Easter meal with us.  So special to get to spend Bennett’s first Easter with him!  We love this precious baby!

We had a really great Easter remember what our Savior has done for us!  I hope that you had a very blessed Easter too.

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