On Monday, we had the opportunity to go to Legoland.  Many places, we have learned, give discounts on particular days to homeschool groups.  So, we gathered 12 people and headed to Legoland for a 1/4 of the cost that it normally is!  (No, really though, we got in for only $21 per person when it is normally  $78 for an adult ticket.  Crazy!)

Anyway, I have to say that Legoland is THE BEST amusement park for our aged kids.  They could ride EVERY single ride, and didn’t get too scared on any of them.  It was great!!!!  Plus, there must be something said about the fact that visiting an amusement park where you don’t just drip sweat the entire time, is lovely!  Love SoCal weather!  Have I said that before!  LOL!

Here are some pics of our trip.

The welcome sign made completely of Legos!
Starting the day with the Lego Pirate!
Pharoah out of Legos. 
Fun ride with our friends.
Everyone loved this slide!
This spider was so cool!  
Lock ’em up!
Coolest dragon ever!
Grace was hilarious on this ride.  It was for little kids, but she made the most of it!
Our crew was getting tired at this point.  Can you tell?  This was where there were no rides, but you could walk around and look at all of the amazing things made out of Legos!  Check some of it out!
Grace driving her car.  She’s already a multi-tasker…having a lollipop while driving!
Go Ben and Noah!
Grace and Ashley made it up like four times!
When the kids jumped on the circles, the instruments played.  Fun!
Okay, can we say impressive!
Cute girl at the end of our day!
Lego elephant that squirted water!
Mount Legomore!
All made of Legos!
Such a fun day, and so impressive how many things can be made from Legos! 

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