Wow, summertime!  Have any of you read Jen Hatmaker’s blog post about “Worst End of Summer Mom Ever!”?  If not, google her.  It’s hilarious!  Anyway, I can totally relate, except that the end of summer now means the kids and I are going to get MORE time together…HOME SCHOOLING!!!!!

We are a camp family.  What does that mean?  Well, to lots of people, that means we live in a super amazing playground where we get to eat free meals, swim, and do all of the activities any time we want.  (Okay, so some of that is true.) But to us it means a busier time of the year than others.  That is when camp is filled to capacity each and every day (hallelujah) and our staff is serving their little hearts out.  It means that we see daddy/Micah, but also that we understand daddy is busier than usual.  I equate our summertime to football season or basketball season for a coaches wife.  It’s just that…a busy season.  We LOVE it, don’t get me wrong, but when summer comes to an end I think we all take a long, deep breath, (sleep a couple of extra hours) and hug one another really tight.

We have had a great summer here at Palomar!  Southern California and our beautiful mountain continue to impress me and we continue to grow in our relationships with our staff here.  We did lots of things with friends this summer, which I will be sharing in days to come, and I have been preparing for our new school year almost all summer.

I wanted to share about our school year on this first post, because I know that so many of you have been praying for us and our school situation.  Most of you know that I really NEVER considered home schooling my children!  NEVER!  In fact, I was actually told by my son’s doctor that it would be the most detrimental thing that I could do for him.  WELL, when you move to the top of a mountain, your ideas change.  So, we began the home school journey, and I could tell from the beginning that God was completely and totally behind this decision, 100%.  He had our back!  We made it through last year, but I knew that I needed to research our options, so I did (with the help of some friends here), and we found Coastal Academy in Oceanside, CA.

Coastal Academy is actually one campus in The Classical Academy family.  It is a university model charter school (which means FREE), in which you have many options to choose from for your child.  We chose to be a part of what is called C track.  This means that I will homeschool the children 4 days a week, and one day a week we will head down the mountain to attend classes from 9am-3pm.  The classes are called C’lectives, which are like electives classes, no core curriculum basically.  The school provides me with all curriculum and lesson plans, an educational specialist to support us along the way, and access to all amazing activities that the school does.  (Theater, band, choir, lego club, etc.)

I was so impressed with the school when I first visited, but have continued to be impressed at every single moment.  My prayer was that in choosing this particular campus, we would be able to meet some friends that also attend our church.  Well, God has continued to answer that prayer in amazing ways!

Last week I attended a conference that the school holds for parents to get us ready for the year.  It was called JumpStart, and wow, was it amazing!  There was a keynote speaker and then 4 breakout sessions to choose.  I met someone from our church at EVERY SINGLE session!  I’m serious!  I even met a mom who will be going to classes on Thursdays (that’s our class day), who has a daughter and son in the same grades as Grace and Ben!  It’s just so good, ya’ll!  We have been praying for this for the kids, and I am so excited!

So, thanks for praying for us, and please do not stop!  God is amazing and continues to show me his faithfulness when I am so unworthy!  I am so grateful for where we are and where we are headed!  Here’s to a great school year, and the end of summer!  So glad to be back!

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