I have been really working on getting up each morning and exercising.  Now, for those of you who REALLY know me…I DO NOT like to exercise.  I am not one of those people who get invigorated from the profuse sweating, burning of muscles, feeling like you will die with the next breath!  I really wish that I loved, or even liked, to exercise.  I just don’t.  With that being said, I DO know how good exercise is for me, so I am pushing through the profound hate that I have for it.  (Yes, everyone should cheer at this point.)

Anyway, my exercise time has also become a time of listening to worship music and really just trying to start my day thinking about my Savior.  I used to try listening to fast workout music, (Pandora has an amazing 80’s workout station!) but I found that I was counting seconds until I could be finished.  I wasn’t singing along and having a great time, by any means.  So, I decided to search for another station, and since I really enjoy Matt Redman, I simply typed his name into Pandora and got myself a “Matt Redman radio station.”  This simply means that I quite enjoy the praise and worship that comes on.  This morning, How Deep the Father’s Love came on and the words just really stood out to me.  I love how that happens.  You can hear a song like it’s for the first time!  I  REALLY LOVE that!  Don’t you?!

So, I realize that I posted this link on Facebook and many of you have already seen it, but I just wanted to post it here too.  Love this song and the words and what they mean to me as a Child of the King!  So thankful that I am HIS!

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