Well, hello my blog reading friends and family!  It’s been a while!  A long, long while!  I took a break.  I felt like the blog was something that needed to be done our first year here, and so I did it.  To be quite honest, I didn’t think anyone would really want to continue reading about our life or whatever “non-interesting” things I decided to post about.  (And, “anyone” may not want to read those things!)  But I have had a few people mention that they missed the blog, and to be completely honest, I did too.  So…here I am!  Hello, again!

How have things been?  The mountain is still absolutely beautiful, peaceful, calming, relaxing, and becoming a part of us.  It hasn’t snowed yet this year, and we’re a little bummed about that, but it is still amazingly beautiful and the weather cannot be beat!!!!

School is going really well.  (Well, let’s be real!  It is always difficult to be the teacher to your own children, but it’s so much better this year!)  We joined a charter school, Coastal Academy, and REALLY love everything about it.  Grace made a part in the school’s annual musical theater production.  This year, they are performing The Little Mermaid.  Oh, she’s excited!  Just found out, today, that she is a jellyfish (one of the most coveted sea creature costumes, I hear)!  She will be performing April 10-12 if anyone wants to take a trip to SoCal at that time!  LOL!

Ben is having fun being Ben!  Got to love my boy!  He keeps me laughing everyday, and daily says something that warms my heart.  Tonight, on our way back up the mountain, he said “mom, I have been having a lot of sins lately and I really don’t like that.  What do I need to do about it?”  I kept it together and didn’t cry, and we had a great little discussion about Jesus and what he did for our sinful hearts.  Don’t you love that?  I sure did!

Micah is crazy busy with camp right now.  Oh, have I said that before?!  No, but really, he has been out recruiting summer staff and campers.  We’re beginning to get really excited about what this summer holds for Palomar and each camper and staff member.  We can’t wait to see what God has planned!

As for me, I am back in the groove teaching the kids and doing all of those other things I do.  (Not really sure what all of those are.  Ha! Ha!)  I am going to start attending a women’s bible study at our church on Thursday mornings (while the kids are at their one school day).  I am SUPER excited about this, as I have never been able to attend a daytime bible study, and I am going to begin making friendships with the women of our church!  SUPER excited!  I also host a ladies’ bible study in our house on Wednesday evenings for the girls here at camp.  I have been so blessed by our time that we get to spend together growing in our friendships and in Christ together.

So, we’re still doing great up here on the mountain!  I hope all of you are doing well too!  Send me a message.  I would love to hear from you!

Here we are at Christmas in Thorndale, TX
Not the best picture, but it had all 4 of us in it!
And here are the little cuties that are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!!!

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