Well, we have had a dry spell here.  (No, I am not talking about drought!) Rather, I am talking about going to LA to mingle with the rich and famous!  Ha! Ha!  When we moved here, I was so smitten with LA, and the idea of getting to attend TV tapings and such, because let’s be real…I was meant to be on the stage and be friends with “those people”!  (I mean, don’t you feel like your life should be the next reality TV show?!  I do!  I already have a name for it…and no I’m not going to tell you!)  Last year, I got to go to American Idol and Sports Nation, which only whet my appetite to do things like that more!  It is super fun to get to see how TV works behind the scenes, and to get to see how ridiculously the “other people” live.  Remember, Mariah Carey and her make-up and hair crew every five minutes?  RIDICULOUS!  Experiencing things like this make me appreciate my simple life!

So there was drought, but the rain has begun…got my American Idol tickets last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, heading to the show on Wednesday.  This Wednesday, for the live performances of the Top 13.  Can’t wait!

Then…on March 3rd, Micah and I are heading to the “After the Oscars” live event with Kelly and Michael!  Soooooo exciting, except that this taping is at 5:00 am.  They start letting us in the doors at 3:00 am.  CRAZY!!!!!  And free my friends, all of this is FREE!!!!  I mean, you have to get there, so we do pay for gas, but there is no cost for the tickets!  Makes for a SUPER FUN and EXCITING date, that’s cheaper than going to the movies!  So, here’s to our time “mingling with the stars!”

After all of this banter about the “stars,” I just want to make sure that everyone knows, that more than anything I love sitting here with wet hair, no makeup and my t-shirt and blue jeans outfit.  I love getting to be home with my kids, love on my husband, and serve our staff as much as I can.  (Oh, and as I write this, Ben is placing a rubber snake on my head and laughing hysterically.  He got it at the dentist yesterday.)  I don’t HAVE to go to LA, EVER!!!!  I am just ever so grateful that the Lord is allowing us to get to have some fun in our new home, that we would have never experienced back in Texas.

Keep checking in, because I will have pictures to share!  American Idol allows cell phones in the studio now!!!!!!!!  I’ll do my best to take GOOD pictures!  Anybody have a favorite?  I’ll make a poster just for you!  (And…I will be making a poster for Harry, because I have been a fan a LONG time!)

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