Seems so easy…being grateful.  I mean, in Texas (where I’m from), you are born saying “thank you!”  Yes ma’am, yes sir, and thank you are your first words.  But…are those words coming from the heart?  We want them to, but are they?  How do we make sure that our kids have grateful hearts, not just empty thank yous?  We live out gratefulness in front of them.  Real life gratitude.  This doesn’t mean we have to be crazy and think up random things to do all the time, we have to live out true gratitude in front of our families!

I have had the pleasure of being on the Launch Team for Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch.  (You can purchase the book for only $10 on right now!)  She says, “Parents say much more to their kids by their lives than by their words.”  Wow!  That will make you slow down and really consider your attitudes and behaviors won’t it?  Throughout this book, parents are challenged to really evaluate themselves and make sure that they are willing to follow Christ’s example of gratitude.  Truly parenting against the norm in society.  This is hard, and Kristen says it best:  “When you decide to push against a cultural norm, there will be people in your life and community, even your church, who will question you.”  Are we ready for that as parents?  Are we?  How do we ready ourselves, so that we can raise our children to be grateful?

There are so many amazing ideas for gratitude journals and creative ways to teach your children about gratitude.  I often find myself becoming overwhelmed with wanting to do these “cutesy” things, and then end up doing nothing.  So, this year, I decided to use plain spiral notebooks.  (Oh the horror!  Nothing cute at all.)  The kids and I read a devotional together each day, then we write down one thing we are thankful for and one prayer request each day.  Only one!  One is doable.  One doesn’t make anyone fall down and tantrum.  One has been beautiful each day.  And, because we set an attainable goal, it has happened every day!

I want to begin to serve as a family too, but I am still working on exactly what that will look like for us.  It’s not going to be extravagant, we may pick up trash at the camp we work at, or wipe tables, but we are going to serve.  I loved this quote, “We enjoy what we enjoy.  But life isn’t just about what we love; most of the lessons we learn come because of hard work and practice.  And sometimes practicing more makes us love something more.”  So, we are going to practice serving.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book.  I just put these around our house as reminders to strive for gratefulness in our home.  You can print them and do the same!  Have fun being grateful in your home!

Link to printable: Quote Printables



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