Grace and I were watching Beezus and Ramona with a friend today, when the song Eternal Flame by the Bangles came on.  Oh man!  It’s the scene where Hobart and Aunt B are listening to the “mixed tape” from their high school days!  Oh, how many of those mixed tapes did we make?!  Remember how you would turn up your STEREO and set your BOOMBOX up close and push the record button, hoping that you pushed it at the right time so that you got the whole song, hoping that you didn’t tape over the last recorded song, and staring at the door and praying no one walked in and started talking or it would ruin the whole thing?!  Hahaha!  Man, those were the days!

Anyway, I told Grace that I needed to enlighten her into the world of my jr. high years!  (Okay, let’s be honest…I am only wanting to enlighten her into the world of the music I listened to!  Don’t NOBODY want to relive those jr. high years!)  So, I pulled up a few Debbie Gibson videos and remember every word and sang them loudly!  Grace’s comment was, “Why is she laying in a bed on the beach?” Ha!


Fun times, and so hilarious to go back and actually watch these videos with my now jr. high daughter!

If you’ll now excuse me, I need to go pull my hair back with a HUGE bow, put on my acid washed jeans, and my Reebok sneakers so that I can dance and sing to Eternal Flame!   I think I’ll tight roll my jeans and put on slouch socks too!!!!!

(By the way, I am CERTAIN that I never saw this video.  It’s a bit creepy and weird, but such was the 80’s!)

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