I am a Fixer Upper FANATIC!!!!!  To say that I love the show is quite the understatement!  Let’s start with Joanna…beautiful, funny, smart, talented, gracious, hospitable, sweet mommy, beautiful…the list could go on.  Who doesn’t want to be Joanna’s best friend?!  I mean really?!  One of my favorite things on every episode is watching how she reacts to Chip.  Have you noticed how she is always so respectful?  I just love her!!!!!

Then there is Chip!  Okay, seriously, he and Micah need to meet!  I am pretty sure that they would be instantaneous best friends!  They kind of even look alike!  For real!!!!  Chip…hilarious, talented, hard-worker, amazing daddy, hilarious, super-demo-man, hilarious!

Our family sits down together to watch Fixer Upper each week.  My 11 year old and 12 year old can quote Chip from each and every show.  We snuggle up on the couch and laugh together.  It’s the best!  I think that my favorite thing each week, is that my kids are getting to see a hard-working, loving, respectful family on TV.  I’m totally fine with my kids wanting to “be like” Chip and Joanna Gaines.

So, since I am a crazy fanatic, I not only watch the show, but also follow Chip and Joanna on all things social media!  Last week-ish, Chip tweeted for us to start following his new assistant, Rich Ashley (@richjamashley).  So I did.  Chip said that we could win stuff, so yesterday I asked if I could win something.  Chip and Rich said I needed to do my best Chip impression.  Ben, Micah and I did our best 4 impressions (I’ll spare you the terrible videos!) and we are going to win something!!!!

I am now a CRAZY FANATIC of Chip, Joanna and Rich!  I’ll be sure to post my winnings!  I’m gonna go binge-watch some Fixer Upper now and dream of all the things I should do to my house!

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