Conquering Long Division

I don’t like long division.  As an adult, I use a calculator when I have to do long division.  (Or any math!)  However, I have to teach my children how to do this math stuff without a calculator before I can hand the calculator over.  Luckily, my oldest child has quite the math brain.  I am fairly certain she has made it through math, due to her being able to figure things out, not because I actually taught her something.

My youngest child is quite the different story!  Math does not come easy, in fact, it is quite difficult.  (And let’s be honest…it doesn’t come easy to me either!)  So, here is my dilemma…a child who struggles in math + a mom who isn’t great at math = homeschool nightmare!  Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it is getting hard.  I have been dreading teaching long division to him, but the inevitable had arrived!  We had to conquer this beast.  So, I did not EVEN consider going the route of “common core” madness with this child.  No way!!!!!  I began with the basics, and guess what?!  It worked!  This child who really struggles, is actually able to complete long division problems on his own, even when there is a remainder involved!!!  This is HUGE!!!  He’s getting it, and this is cause for celebration!  Big celebration!  He is actually proving me wrong, and I love it!  We are moving forward in math and it actually didn’t take too long for us to get it.  Yay!

So, in case you needed a reason to celebrate today…celebrate with us!  We are conquering long division in our little mountain homeschool and that is reason to party!

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