What is it about summer camp?  If you were lucky enough to get to go to camp when you were a kid, I can guarantee that you have memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.  Summer camp is a place where we spread our wings, and learn about ourselves, and challenge ourselves, and make the best of friendships, and meet counselors who change our lives!  Summer camp is where we learn that baths don’t need to be taken everyday, as long as you jump in the pool or lake, right?!  Summer camp is where you eat candy as many times each day as possible, and you mix all the drinks from the fountains because your parents would never let you do that!

Summer camp is where many of us encountered Jesus for the first time, and THIS is why our family does camp everyday!  We are a camp family!  We live, eat and breathe camp, and yes, it is pretty much as amazing as you could imagine it to be!  We love seeing new faces every week, and praying for each person that comes up the mountain, that they may know Christ in a very REAL way while they are here.

Our camp has a brand new video, that explains where we are in California, and how you can be a part of this amazing ministry.  I don’t ask for people to read my blog, or share my blog, or subscribe to my blog…BUT TODAY I am asking that you take just a few minutes to learn about our ministry here and please share this video with your friends and family.  Here’s the video, check it out!


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