This is a year of major birthday milestones around our house.  We will soon have two 40 year olds and one teenager under the same roof!  I told Grace that I think I am struggling more with her turning 13, than with me turning 40.  Does anyone else have this issue when their children get older?  I am a hopeless romantic, and I love to remenisce of all of the wonderful memories we had when our children were small.  Oh how sweet their little faces and voices were when they would say silly things and we as parents would  run and grab the video camera to capture every moment.  (Yes, this was before we were recording everything on our phones.)  I think back to those early trips to the store when they were so cute that people would stop and say nice things like, “what a cute baby” or “she’s so sweet.”

Fast forward 13 years, and I am taking video of us laying upside down with faces on our chins as we laugh hysterically!  We are dancing in the car as we sing loudly to whatever song is on the radio!  No one is stopping me in the store to tell me how cute my little girl is, but I still stop and stare at her and think how very blessed I am to be her mom.  It’s the same, but it’s VERY different.  My sister-in-law has always been great at telling me that I would love every stage with my kids, and she was right!  Every stage is pretty awesome, and I look forward to this next stage with our little teenager…I just hope that my 40 year old hormones stay in check so that she enjoys this stage with me as well!  Haha!

On a completely different note, did anyone see this post from @jenhatmaker yesterday?  I could not stop laughing!  (Oh, and FYI…she’s 40!)

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