Life is crazy!  It can be crazy good or crazy bad, but let’s face it, it’s crazy!

Right now, we are nearing the opening date for Grace’s musical theater production and that definitely adds some craziness.  It’s definitely good, fun crazy though.  Last week, we drove up and down the mountain 5 of the 7 days.  That makes for some tired people.  I try to remember how thankful we are that we have an awesome school, awesome church, and have made friends and community down the mountain.  (It’s hard not to want to be a “mountain hermit” after weeks like that though!)

This week, we have not had to go down the mountain much, AND we had family come and visit!  So much fun to see my aunt, uncle and cousins and get to spend some time with them.  We went to the Safari Park on Tuesday, and the weather was amazing!  Carol, the safari guide for our tram ride, has worked for the park 33 years.  She was saying how awesome the weather was on that particular day.  She said that it is usually around 100+ degrees.  I’ve been there when I felt like it was that hot, and it’s not nearly so much fun.  My favorite part of the safari park is how close you can get to the animals, and that they are in more natural habitats.  We had fun!

Life will get crazy (good) again next week, so here’s hoping I actually sit down and write a bit during the craziness!

Things I’m loving this week:

  1.  Fixer Upper! – Oh, have I mentioned that I love that show before?  Ha!  I’m a ridiculous lover of all things Chip and Joanna Gaines create!
  2. The weather!!!! – It’s been PERFECT these last few days!  These are the days that I think I will never move away from SoCal.
  3. Camp – Outdoor Ed. has picked back up, and prep for all summer camps is ramping up too.  You can kind of feel the excitement building, and I love that.  May every camper who enters our gates, come to experience Christ in a way they never have before.
  4. Advocare Spark – Let me preface by saying, “I do not sell this product, I just LOVE it.”  Spark is an energy/vitamin drink that has become my best friend!  When we have crazy weeks, I am so glad that I have Spark to help me get my energy to some level at which I can function.  My favorite flavor is Watermelon, but I like fruit punch a lot too!
  5. Velcro rollers for my hair – as I near the big – 4- 0…my hair is losing it’s life.  I’m beginning to see more and more gray and can we say crazy hair days?!  Some days I have volume, but most I have limp hair.  My velcro rollers are becoming my best friends.  (In fact, I have them in my hair right now as I type!  My kids love it!)

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