I titled this blog, “Climb Every Mountain,” because I want to be challenged.  I want to live my life for Christ in EVERY area.  I want to move ahead, even when things get tough.  No giving up!

When I think about mountains in my life, one of the biggest has to be the weight loss/exercise mountain!  I could go really deep here and tell you about all of the reasons this is a struggle for me, but I am going to keep it simple…I LIKE FOOD and I DON’T LIKE EXERCISE!  These two do not equal a “beach body.”  Haha!  Micah always says he eats to sustain life.  I eat to enjoy life.  Like, when my friend Kate shared Butter Rum Root Beer with me from Gelson’s, it was YUMMY and now I constantly think about how I want some of that and Butter Rum Lifesavers and all things Butter Rum.  (Obsessed, kind of like when all things Pumpkin Spice come around!)  Anyone else like that out there?!

Anyway, I decided over a year ago that I must start the climb up this mountain.  The fact that I am even typing this right now, is HUGE.  If I actually post this, I am going to have way more accountability than I want.  (Even though I need it!)  I don’t want ya’ll to know that I am going to try to eat more healthy and exercise.  Someone might actually ask me about this when I am mid-bite into a delicious brownie, and then I have to feel like a failure!  Or, shall I say this is how I have felt in the past.  I am now learning that this journey is never over, and life DOES include brownies, and that is okay.  For me at this point, it is just to remember that each day requires me to make good choices and continue moving toward my goal.  As long as I stay on the trail, it doesn’t matter how slowly I am moving, I am still moving.  Some wouldn’t agree with me on this, but it’s my journey and I’m enjoying the view!

So, it may take me FOREVER to get to where I want to be, but I’m willing to climb EVERY mountain…and THAT my friends, is progress!

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